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How Others Really See You

Karen Crowell

Mar 09 2017

How Others See You

In the last episode, you did an exercise to identify the character traits that you believe best fit who you are. How we view ourselves is often different than how others view us. This week, you will go one step further and have others identify the character traits that they believe best fit who you are. If you are need of the character trait sheet, you can download it from the Facebook group, under the file tab. If you haven't already joined the group, just click on the join button on the page. Feel free to share any experiences or revelations you are having on the group page. Listen in now for the complete instructions for the project and how to use this information to enhance your authentic self.

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Reaching retirement is much like graduating from high school. It’s a fresh start and an opportunity to live true to who you are. The good news is that living authentically is not based on finances, material goods, health, or other external forces. It’s about who you are as a person and being who you want to be, not what others expect you to be. This podcast series will help you discover or rediscover who you are, find your interests, give you valuable information to enhance your day-to-day living, help you meet the challenges that can prevent you from living authentically and passionately, and motivate you to be young at heart and enjoy your golden years. About Karen Crowell

Karen is a Udemy instructor, author, videographer, editor, publisher, and life coach. She grew up on a farm in WI and was a professional singer/dancer for many years. She has many skills. She homeschooled her daughters K-12 and has taught both in the public school, K-12, and college environments. Karen taught computer skills to unemployed workers, oversaw a program for developmentally disabled adults, taught GED classes, and tutored inner-city women in CNA and Phlebotomy programs, was a worship leader for 35+ years, and has been coaching others on how to redesign and live lives they love after life-altering events. Her favorite thing to do is to help others discover their true passions and desires.

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